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Updated October 19, 2023

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Title: How Heavy is a Mustang GT? Headline: Unpacking the Weight of America’s Favorite Muscle Car Description: A detailed analysis of the weight of the Ford Mustang GT from various perspectives.



The Ford Mustang GT has been an iconic symbol of American muscle and performance since its introduction in 1964. With over 50 years of production history, the Mustang has undergone numerous design and engineering changes to improve its performance, handling, and overall driving experience. One aspect that often piques the interest of enthusiasts is the weight of this legendary muscle car.

Answer to Question: How Heavy is a Mustang GT?

The answer depends on the specific generation and model year of the Mustang GT. Let’s examine some key statistics:

  • Current Generation (2015+): The 2022 Ford Mustang GT has an estimated curb weight of around 4,200 pounds (1,905 kg). This includes a powertrain with a 5.0-liter V8 engine producing 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque.
  • Previous Generations: Older models like the 2013-2014 Mustang GT had a curb weight ranging from 3,700 to 3,900 pounds (1,678 kg to 1,764 kg), depending on the trim level and options. The 2005-2010 GT500 edition weighed around 4,100 pounds (1,857 kg) due to its larger engine and heavier suspension.
  • Chassis Curb Weight: This figure represents the weight of the car’s structure without any added components like engines, transmissions, or wheels. A 2022 Mustang GT has a chassis curb weight of approximately 3,200 pounds (1,451 kg).

Pros and Cons: The Weight of a Mustang GT

how heavy is a mustang gt


  • Improved Handling: A heavier car tends to have better handling due to increased stability and reduced body roll.
  • Increased Towing Capacity: The extra weight can also result in a higher towing capacity, making the Mustang GT more suitable for hauling small trailers or boats.
  • Enhanced Braking Performance: Heavier cars typically require more powerful brakes to slow them down effectively. The Mustang GT’s Brembo brakes are designed to handle its added mass.


  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency: As a heavier car, the Mustang GT consumes more fuel than lighter models like the EcoBoost Mustang. This can increase fuel costs and environmental impact.
  • Increased Wear on Suspension: A heavier load can accelerate wear on suspension components, requiring more frequent replacements or repairs.
  • Less Agile Handling: While the added weight improves handling to some extent, it also makes the car less agile and more prone to understeer.


In conclusion, a Ford Mustang GT’s weight varies depending on its generation and model year. The current 2022 edition tips the scales at around 4,200 pounds (1,905 kg), while older models like the 2013-2014 GT had a curb weight of approximately 3,700 to 3,900 pounds (1,678 kg to 1,764 kg).

While increased weight has its benefits in terms of handling and towing capacity, it also comes with drawbacks such as reduced fuel efficiency, accelerated suspension wear, and less agile handling. Understanding the weight of a Mustang GT provides valuable context for enthusiasts considering purchasing or modifying their American muscle car.

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how heavy is a mustang gt