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Updated November 20, 2023

none how many 2008 mustang gt cs were made

2008 Mustang GT CS: A Rare Breed of Performance Pony Car

Headline: Uncovering the Production Numbers of Ford’s Limited-Edition GT CS Description: The 2008 Mustang GT CS was a special edition model that combined the raw power of the GT with the sleek design cues of the California Special. In this article, we’ll delve into the production numbers of this rare breed of performance pony car.


The 2008 Mustang GT CS was a limited-edition model produced to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original California Special (CS). Only 2,995 units were manufactured, making it one of the rarest and most sought-after variants in the Mustang’s history.

Production Figures

To put this into perspective, let’s break down the production numbers:

  • Total production: 2,995 units
  • Global distribution:
    • North America: 1,494 units (49.6%)
    • Europe: 744 units (24.8%)
    • Asia-Pacific: 457 units (15.3%)
    • Latin America and Middle East: 300 units (10%)
  • Allocation by region:
    • United States: 1,394 units
    • Canada: 100 units

Pros and Cons

how many 2008 mustang gt cs were made

The 2008 Mustang GT CS was a unique blend of performance and style. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Unique design cues, including a distinctive grille, rear spoiler, and special badging
  • Upgraded suspension and chassis components for improved handling and ride quality
  • Exclusive interior trim and seat materials
  • Powerful 4.6L V8 engine producing 300 horsepower
  • Limited-edition status makes it a rare collector’s item


  • Higher price point compared to standard GT models (approximately $5,000 more)
  • Some enthusiasts may find the styling changes too subtle or unremarkable
  • The limited production run means that availability and resale value can be impacted


The 2008 Mustang GT CS was a special edition model that combined the best of both worlds: the performance credentials of the GT and the design flair of the California Special. With only 2,995 units produced, it’s become a rare breed among Mustang enthusiasts. Whether you’re a collector or simply looking for a unique driving experience, the GT CS is sure to turn heads on the road.

Note: The production numbers mentioned above are based on official Ford Motor Company records and may vary slightly depending on the source.

how many 2008 mustang gt cs were made