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Updated November 23, 2023

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Title: How Much is Mustang GT? Headline: A Comprehensive Look at the Price of America’s Iconic Muscle Car Description: Are you ready to experience the thrill of driving an iconic American muscle car? The Ford Mustang GT is a force to be reckoned with, offering unparalleled performance and style. But how much does this beast of a car really cost?



The Ford Mustang GT has been a symbol of American muscle for over five decades, captivating the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide. With its powerful V8 engine, sleek design, and rich history, it’s no wonder why the Mustang GT remains a highly sought-after ride. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Mustang GT pricing, exploring various perspectives to give you a comprehensive understanding of how much this iconic car really costs.

Answer to Question: How Much is Mustang GT?

The price of a Ford Mustang GT can vary depending on several factors, including the trim level, engine, transmission, and features. Here’s a breakdown of the current prices:

  • 2018-2022 Mustang GT: The base price for a 2018-2022 Mustang GT starts at around $35,000 for the Fastback model and goes up to $40,000 for the Convertible.
  • 2022 Mustang GT Premium: Adding the Premium trim level bumps the price up to around $45,000.
  • 2022 Mustang GT Performance Package: This package adds a few goodies like Brembo brakes and MagneRide suspension, bringing the price tag to approximately $50,000.
  • Limited Edition Mustang GT: If you’re looking for something truly unique, limited-edition models can reach prices of up to $60,000 or more.


how much is mustang gt

When it comes to the Ford Mustang GT, there are plenty of pros to consider:

  • Powerful Performance: The Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter V8 engine produces an impressive 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque.
  • Aggressive Handling: With a sport-tuned suspension and Brembo brakes (on certain trims), the Mustang GT is designed for high-performance driving.
  • Stunning Design: The sleek, aggressive styling of the Mustang GT turns heads on the road.
  • Iconic Heritage: You’re buying into a legacy that spans over 50 years!


While the Ford Mustang GT is an incredible car, there are some downsides to consider:

  • High Maintenance Costs: With its powerful engine and complex electronics, maintenance costs for the Mustang GT can be higher than those of other cars.
  • Limited Fuel Efficiency: As a muscle car, the Mustang GT’s fuel efficiency isn’t exactly stellar. You can expect around 16-20 mpg combined.
  • Noise Pollution: The V8 rumble can get quite loud, which might not be suitable for all driving environments.


So, how much is a Mustang GT? In short, it depends on the trim level and features you choose. While the base price starts at around $35,000, the real cost of owning a Ford Mustang GT lies in its powerful performance, aggressive handling, stunning design, and iconic heritage. If you’re willing to invest in this American muscle car, be prepared for a unique driving experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Note: Prices may vary depending on your location, dealership, and other factors. Always research and test drive before making a purchase.

how much is mustang gt